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About Christiana,

Travel Advisor

Before I was playing small roles into people's memory banks, I gave 10 years and five months to the US Army as an Airborne military truck driver. If the Army didn't teach me anything else, it taught me to really not take life for granted  and appreciate what's on the horizon. Leaving the Army and putting that chapter of my life behind, I always said I will never work in anyone's 9-5 job again.

I am all for doing whatever I can to make up for loss time in the missed milestones with my children. Now as a travel professional, I spend immense joy in planning memorable occasions for others. Knowing I played a role in someone else's jo is satisfying enough for me. No matter what profession you are in, you deserve time away for yourself and to yourself.                

Some of my certifications over the years

Family Is Everything To Me!!!!

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